live well // 04.21.17

My husband and I moved across the world in 4 suitcases. 2 each, with a carry-on bag and backpack. Everything I use, wear, or look at on a daily basis, can fit within the contents of my luggage. Everything from khaki pants to kitchen pots, I can pack it ...

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If you were to ask me “when are you having kids?” I would probably have a strong desire to punch you. It’s nothing personal, honest. I just hate this question. For most women, it’s relatively easy to answer: When we have a house. When we are this age...

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matcha latte

eat well // 04.15.17

I gave up drinking coffee for lent. Well, I decided I was only going to drink it once a week at Sunday brunch. Seemed resonable. Then about a month into it, I noticed my face was no longer reddish in color and completely clear. For whatever reason, my ...

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