Hi. I’m Sarah Kay.

I am certain I already love the heck outta you, but in case you’re still unsure about me, here are some fun real facts:

I’m a writer, but I still have to convince myself I actually am.

I’m a recovering perfectionist. I used to live a life of falsehoods. Sometimes, I still do.

I am a follower of Jesus. The radically inclusive Jesus, that is.

I am snobby about my coffee, and I don’t intend on changing.

Truth-telling is hard for me, because I fear rejection.

I seek marginalized people; the felon, the refugee, and the addict alike.

Before Oliver, I dealt with infertility.

I don’t like pants, unless they are yoga pants. Oh, I’m a yoga instructor.

I like interior design. I work for an architecture and design firm as my “day-job.”

I am new to the conversation on dismantling white privilege, and I am sorry for the 30 years I spent ignorant to it

Why living well?

I spent years trying on everyone else’s plan for living well, only to find myself tripping over routines too big and dreams too small. Fed up with failure, I started taking risks and stopped caring about what other people thought. When I began living in ways that made other people uncomfortable, I finally felt at home in my own life.

That’s when I realized, living well has to look different on everyone, in order for any of us to really thrive. Each journey to living well will look wildly different. But the brave space we step into to get there? That’s the same. Living well requires brave vulnerability of self and sincere championing of another.

It’s why I write. The vulnerable space frees me to live my best life, and hopefully, champions you to press on in yours.

There’s such grace in living well.