I don’t mind eating the same foods every day, really. I know they fit my macros and I know how they make me feel. No surprises for my stomach.

This is my go-to green smoothie for every day after I workout. I think I like it most, because it takes one minute to make and you really can’t mess it up. 4 ingredients, easy peasy.


-1 banana (fresh or frozen. Frozen makes it more like a milkshake, if that’s your thing)

-1 scoop chocolate whey (currently using this but I’m not religious about it being the best)

-8oz unsweetened almond milk (varieties I like include Silk and Califia Farms – see note below)

-Two big handfuls of spinach (sorry I can’t be more precise here – pretty much fills my Vitamix up)

And then you blend for 30 seconds or so. And then it’s done.

And then you drink it.

I wasn’t kidding, it’s the easiest thing ever. You end up with a chocolate banana protein milkshake.

Macros are: 28gP / 33gC / 4gF

Peace, love, and protein.

(Almond milk note – Check the ingredient list! Some brands still contain Carrageenan, a thickening agent, and it declares WAR on my intestines.)