eat well // 04.05.16

Why is your hair so long? I don’t know, water?

How are your teeth so white? Water?

How is your skin so clear? Probably water.

How are you so fit? Well, lots of things - but, water.

Who are you voting for? Water.

Ok. I’m done.

But for real – ditching nearly everything else for water changed my nutrition game.

For most of my teenage years, I drank my calories. Soda (pop, whatever), milkshakes, slushies, Frappuccino’s – all of it. I was probably ingesting over half my daily caloric intake in nutrient-deprived drinks. One day I decided to cut out soda, and that led me to say buh-bye for good. The initial cravings were hard, but now, I am going on 8 years without ever wishing to drink it.

Today, I drink 3 things: Water, coffee (which is mostly water, I would argue) and almond milk, which is the base of the smoothies I make.


It sounds boring, I know. But water doesn’t have to be lame. Here’s how I make watering myself fun:

Cute water bottle. It matters, ok? Get something that makes you happy, and then carry it with you like it’s your child. Make sure it’s big too – anything less than 24oz is pointless and you’ll have to fill it up constantly.

Flavor. Water doesn’t have to be plain. Add things to it! My personal favorite is cucumber and strawberry. Separate or together, doesn’t matter. It’s like you’re walking around with spa water all.day.long.

For citrus, I use essential oils because they aren’t bitter like actual citrus slices. Make sure your EO’s are food-grade! Hint – if it has “supplemental facts” on the back that means it’s OK to ingest.

There are some lines of carbonated water out there that don’t have a lot of junk in them. I like La Croix. They have a variety of flavors – but grapefruit is my go-to.


Every morning, made at home. My French-press process takes about 10 minutes in total, which for some is probably too much. But I work from home and I have the time. It’s a labor of rich, caffeinated love.

In my coffee: I add one tbsp. coconut oil, a splash of unsweetened almond or coconut milk and sometimes vanilla extract. No sugar, I know. But I swear the richness of the coconut oil fools your taste buds into thinking it’s sweet.

I’m just saying, I feel better when water is the source of my hydration. If you only do one thing good for your body in a day, let it be water.

Peace, love, and H2O.