why yoga.

live well // 08.08.16

I first came to yoga, to make space for my flaws. A self-proclaimed and forever recovering perfectionist, looking for the freedom to just be me. To go on a journey where there is no arriving, just joy in the progress.

I came to yoga, to be active in my healing. Realizing that just as I cannot separate the parts of me, I cannot heal at all, unless I allow God to heal me in whole.

I came to yoga to accept myself as I am. To piece together the parts that make up the most authentic version of me. To learn how to love myself in a way that runs far deeper and truer than my circumstances. To allow for more grace in my life – both for myself and others.

I came to yoga to really see myself as God created me to be, and to find beauty in how he created others.

I came to yoga to clear my head of clutter, heart of anger, and body of pain.

I came to yoga to do business with God. To let him speak and move and change me- one breath at a time. One meditative, worship-filled movement at a time.

I come to yoga now, to be wild and free in who I am.

I come to yoga now, holding all these things, and making space for new things to show up.

I now teach yoga, because I want the world to know they are loved. That who they are is part of me. That healing can occur, one day at a time. That every time they roll out their mat, they are safe in that space. Safe to live, breathe, grow, and become.

I come to teach yoga, as a tool to champion others in the pursuit of authentic living. To stand beside people as they enter into pain, and joy, and freedom. To whisper into hearts β€œit’s safe to be you here.”

I come to yoga because life is meant to be lived from a place of love. Where we honor each other and share in our alikeness, while magnifying our uniqueness.

I come to yoga, because I freaking love seeing people grab hold of life and really come alive. To hear their hearts, and read their stories as told by their bodies.

I come to yoga, to give it away to everyone. And what it gives, is love.

Peace, love, and yoga.